Do Illustrators Get Royalties? (And How Does it Work?)

There are many ways an illustrator can get paid: This could be a licensing fee, a once-off flat fee, a dodgy cash-under-the-table deal, “experience” (please avoid this) or royalties. Royalties are usually paid to illustrators who work on picture books. Illustrators get paid royalties if they have signed a contract stating that they will receive … Read more

Is Being an Illustrator Stressful? How to Deal with Problems You May Have

Like many professions, being an illustrator can be stressful.  Depending on your situation, stress can be brought on by tight deadlines, lack of money, artist’s block or difficult clients. Illustrators can prevent or mitigate stress by actively working towards improving the following: Communication Time management Spending habits Planning ahead Exercise Sleep In this article we … Read more

How to Get Your First Illustration Job (With 2 Important Things)

Sooo you have just finished your illustration / design course or perhaps you are contemplating pursuing a new career as an illustrator. The logical step now is to break into the illustration industry. If you are wondering how to get your first illustration job, you will need two things: A high-quality portfolio and customers who … Read more