Why Are Cartoon Ducks Yellow?

If you search online for “Cartoon Duck”, you’ll find that the vast majority of the search results are pictures of yellow ducks.  Which makes me wonder – Why are cartoon ducks yellow? There are two main reasons: Cartoonists often choose yellow because they are influenced by the classic rubber duck design. Yellow helps the cartoonists … Read more

How Was Mickey Mouse Created?

These days, Disney is everywhere! (I mean, even more so after they bought the rights to intellectual property of the likes of Star Wars and Marvel). I’m not even sure Walt himself would believe how ubiquitous and influential Disney has become. And it was all started by a mouse. Which made me wonder… “How was … Read more

Why Do Cartoons Have 4 Fingers?

Have you ever watched your favourite animated TV show and wondered “Why do cartoons have 4 fingers?”. There are three key reasons: it’s quicker to draw it’s easier to draw it’s cheaper to animate It’s just more efficient to draw one fewer finger when animating cartoon characters. It still looks relatively natural to the viewer … Read more