Who was Robert Delaunay? (FAQ and Facts!)

Robert Delaunay was an early twentieth century French painter famous for his geometric and bright colored artworks. He was one of the earliest known artists who delved into pure abstraction, which prioritzed bright colors over and above objects and form. Delaunay, along with his wife and colleagues, co-founded the Orphism art movement in 1912. What … Read more

How to Become an Illustrator Without a Degree

Some professions strictly require you to have a degree in that field. Illustration is not one of those professions. If you want to a career in illustration, but don’t want to go down the conventional path of getting a degree, then fear not! We now have this thing called the internets! Full of many wonderful … Read more

Why is Drawing on a Tablet So Hard? (And How to Improve!)

Graphics tablets are amazing. They are the bridge between artist and machine. They help move forward the careers of millions of creators around the world! We all remember the day we came home with our first graphics tablet, plugged it into our computer… Aaaand then realised that they can be pretty difficult to draw on. … Read more